Information System (IS) CIO Forum is a gateway for IS leaders and professionals across sectors: government, industry, startup, and academy to escape from their daily routine and meet their fellow to discuss about latest trends and issues in Information System.

The previous year event focused on academy side only. This year, we are aiming to connect academy with industry and to highlight talent issues; a gap between academy and industry. The event format would be conference or seminar. We will also held sub event called IS Career Festival for organizations to directly recruit IS professionals and talents through our channel in the event. On the second day, we will conduct AISINDO annual meeting.

Is it true whether Indonesia is experiencing IS/IT talents crisis ?

Is it caused by the significantly different millennial generation?

Is the new trend (e.g. Industry 4.0) make everything must change?

Connecting the dot
between Academy & Industry

to solve IS/IT Talents Crisis via IS TALENTS HUB

Experts and prominent figures in industry, government, startup, and education will present and discussIS/IT talents issues in Indonesia.

We facilitate IS/IT leaders both from universities and corporate HR to mingle and to build network forcollaborative works.

Managed by TopKarir — Unlike other career festivals, here we focus on hiring IS/IT talents and provide space for exhibiting companies to interact with talents to share their corporate values with the candidates.

All the insights gathered from the panels and seminars on day one will be discussed further by AISINDO to recommendation for the development of IS/IT education curriculum in Indonesia.

How to become professionals in IS Industry ?

Insight form every session or panels will be used as a baseline to compose for AISINDO recommendation regarding IS/IT Talents issue.