Be an Exhibitor

Why Exhibit at IS CIO Forum 2018?

The IS CIO Forum 2018 is the biggest IS/IT focused event in which IS/IT talents, professionals, and leaders or prominent figures from government, corporates, and academic institutions gather to discuss prominent IS/IT issues in Indonesia. In this occasion, we facilitate all the attendance (participants, exhibitors, and others) to connect and may well initiate collaborations through our networking event.

Besides, we would also conduct ‘IS Career Fest’ to help corporates or startups to recruit the best IS/IT talents for their companies. We predict that there will be, at least, 3,000 people coming to this two-day event.

Floor Plan

Engagement Stand


Packages Included

Exhibition Space 3.75 sqm

Needle Punch Carpet 4 sqm

Promotion Board

2A / 1ph, Power Socket 1 unit